Who We Are

Because Mental Toughness is as important as physical wellness, at Elevate, we provide mental strength coaching to support our clients shift mindset and get mentally and emotionally stronger.

We help them, be stronger, perform better, feel better to achieve anything they want.

"You got to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions, or else, you will lose yourself every single time."

Jenny Medyati, Founder

The Story.

Meet Jenny, the proud Founder of Elevate Feel Good. Passionate about mental performance, Jenny understood the power of the mind on our personal behaviour and how our attitude is directly influenced by the mindset we adopt in each moment.

Jenny is dedicated to instilling confidence and composure to help individuals perform at maximum levels. She is a certified mental trainer and performance coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She partners with multinationals and athletes around the world to help them unleash their full potential and lift their inner brakes.

Our high standard expertise includes but are not limited to: anxiety, confidence, consistency, mindful behaviour, motivation, energy management, goal setting, leadership, relaxation techniques, imagery and visualization.

What is
Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the capacity to sustain and improve performance by managing your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Developing Mental Fitness through coaching enables you feel in control of your environment, develop the capacity to strengthen your performance and reinforce your engagement to get more from yourself and those around you.

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